Can Construct 2 do these things?

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  • Hello. I was thinking about getting into Construct but I wanted to know some things. I was originally planning on using Construct Classic, so I can bigger projects and not be limited by HTML5. Because from what I understand, C2 is HTML5 so even if you make an actual .exe game, it'll still have the limitations of a browser game. Or something like that.

    But at the same time, people say it has a lot more features and is constantly updated which is cool. Being able to port seems pretty neat too. But for some game ideas I had, I'm not sure if they would work or not. Or rather, I'm not sure if C2 could handle them. (I don't know a whole lot about HTML5 so I don't know what it's capable of)

    1. Can a full, legit arcade sidescroller type game be made with it? You know, something like Metal Slug or Streets of Rage or whatever. With lots of visuals, animations/effects, moves, etc.

    2. Can room-based online games be made? You would join a room with a few other players, then start a game. It would be a sort of mini-game type of game. Google Poptag. Could I make an online minigame type thing of that level? With those graphics, animations, etc. complete with chatting, shops to buy purchase items with points, etc.?

    Assuming the answer to either of these is yes, would they work on cheap/low laptops too? For example my laptop has an integrated graphics so there isn't much it can do. Would they be playable? (Poptag was perfectly playable when I used to play it, but it wasn't made in HTML5 so I don't know).

    The reason I'm asking is mainly because I don't know if I should use CC or C2. I know integrated graphics could handle games on CC but that's because it isn't HTML5. And I don't even know if CC could make online games.

    Edit: One other thing. What about bigger and more action-oriented room-based online games? Such as, a team-based capture-the-flag type game taking place on a fairly big map? Is it possible to make, and would it work on integrated graphics? It would also be 2D of course.

  • 1 - Yes and many have been made.

    2 - Yes and there are quite a few tutorials on the site about how to make a multi-player game.

    As for the specs, that all depends on how many events you use, how graphically intensive the game is, how many effects you use and generally how big the final result is. In other words, it depends on the same things as any other game (programmed from the ground up or built with any other tool) depends on. Because Construct 2 is originally an html5 tool, the final package is meant to be extremely light weight.

    As for the edited question, see the previous paragraph. Remember, Construct is a tool. It can be used to create just about any type of 2D game you can imagine. But, a tool is only as good as the person using it. A person using a tool improperly can always create a bad product no matter how good the tool is.

    As for the choice between CC and C2; C2 is far more powerful and has a lot of great features. Not to mention the larger number of platforms it supports. If your question is between the 2, the answer should be a resounding C2. If you are concerned because it was originally created to make html5 games, just take a look at all the export possibilities and you will see, C2 gives you a lot of options now.

    Finally, since C2 has a free version, why not give it a try? That may help you make your decision between the 2. The interface isn't that different. At least from what I remember as I haven't used CC for a couple years.

    I hope that helps answer your questions and good luck with your project.

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  • Thanks for the reply. Two other questions.

    C2 is far more powerful and has a lot of great features.

    What do you mean exactly when you say more powerful? If CC uses DX9 and you can make more "full" games with it, wouldn't that be the more powerful one, considering HTML5 is more suited towards browsers games, which can't do as much?

    [quote:3sdapwsp]Finally, since C2 has a free version, why not give it a try? That may help you make your decision between the 2. The interface isn't that different.

    But if they're similar, wouldn't I not know the difference? Or are they different enough to where I could try them both and see which one works for me? (I haven't used CC either)

  • The answer to your first question is, yes the full DX9 has more functionality but as far as I have seen, Construct Classic doesn't use all the features. The feature set of DX9 in CC is very similar to the feature set in WebGL which C2 uses. Of course, in this I may be wrong.

    WebGl and html5 are far more powerful than you think and can handle highly complex games. Check out games such as Warface and Ballistic.

    As for the interface, give them both a download and take a look. Of course the biggest difference is that CC doesn't have any restrictions where the free C2 does.

  • Hello Igloo !

    I highly recommend reading this, it's a blog post containing performance tests between CC and C2, it's a very surprising and interesting read.

    Performance on a laptop with integrated graphics is awesome, I test my games on a cheap laptop with integrated graphics and a dual core CPU, works fine as long as you set an option in the settings of your project (I forgot the name of the option, but you need to set it from "High Quality" to "Low Quality"), and also make sure the resolution of the game is low.

    Hope this was helpful

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