Can construct do this and that??

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  • Hello, Im evaluating contruct as the engine for some platform game, I just need to know somethings before I purchase it:

    I really like more code than drag and drop, can I write code with this?

    Is there a way to edit the behaviors to suit my needs? or even code my own behaviors?

  • 1: no, unless you want to do it in #2

    2: yes, check out the plugin sdk

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  • You can code your own behaviors with SDK.

  • Ok Thank you, another questions

    Can I interact with native code on Android, ios and Windows8?

    Can I implement AppStore in app purchases?

    Thank you.

  • You can modify a lot of parameters for behaviors, both in the editor and at runtime. C2 also has one of the most flexible eventing systems I've seen, negating the need for quite a bit of coding (ie, you can do a lot you would have with code anyways). The SDK would be for if you wanted to code more abilities.

    C2 uses services like cocoon js to convert to native apps, so it'll be a little limited in that regard and will depend if those plugins support what you'd like to do. C2 has a lot of windows 8 support, but I'm not as familiar, so ill defer that question.

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