Construct 3 Suggestion - Better Keyboard Navigation

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  • As someone who spends all day in vim I would really love to see better support for keyboard navigation in Construct 3, obviously this only applies to event sheets.

    I am familiar with C2's kb shortcuts, and grateful for them, but so much more could be done which would speed up programming no end

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  • What kind of keyboard shortcuts do you want specifically?

  • Hi Ashley

    Expanding minimised events is a big one, also more intuitive focus of windows controls, e.g.

    * Press enter on an existing function call to edit.

    * It goes to the 'Name' dialog, alt + left to go to previous screen.

    * Search has focus (this is good), press tab to go to Function options below (call expression, call function, set return value)

    * 'Call Function' has visual focus (presumably because that's what I was editing)

    * Press left or right key to select one of the other two options, 'Call expression' highlights (even if you pressed right to 'Set Return Value') but actually the title 'Function' has focus and you have to press down again to go to the function options.

    Hopefully this makes sense, basically what has visual focus isn't always the case - titles getting focus is unnecessary and breaking visual focus.

    Another example, in the event view pressing down goes to the event/action below but if it is minimised you can't see what you have selected and actually you would want it to jump to the next visible event/action.

    Another minor example is tab index, create a new action, goto 'System' for arguments sake, press the 's' key repeatedly (not in search) and watch the selected item dart around the options in no particular order instead of sequentially.

    These are some of the blockers stopping me keyboard navigate, in terms of new features maybe a quick edit would be nice, so whilst on top of an existing variable, typing would be overwriting the variable value without having to open up a new dialog (some how avoiding kb shortcuts)

    If it is useful I could perhaps come up with a more comprehensive list but this is the general gist!


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