construct 2 steam worst purchase of my life

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  • In these days or purchased of steam a version of constructor 2 personal edition discounted to ? 66

    Buy It was the worst of my life, the program often crash suddenly

    constructor 2 personal edition Is not released with a normal executable package,but a version constraint to steam,you can start the program only through steam,also the worst and construct 2 often crash,the program unexpectedly quits after using it for many miunute

    Or contacted several times asstistenza steam customers, but never received help or answer

    I also contacted the manufacturer of the original construct 2 but not from them or never received help or answer,although constructor 2 was purchased on steam and always one of their products, manufacturers should assist their customers promptly

    immediately placed on steam a negative vote on the program constructor 2 and I was not the only

    or also requested an immediate refund via paypal

    and was the worst experience of my life or bought so many other software and programs and have always received the best care from manufacturers

    but assistance from constructor 2 and the worst I've ever seen in my life

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  • Francesco As a customer we are all humans, give them some working days to sort things out. I believe it's due to holiday season that they can't reply as light-speed as possible. Cheers.

  • I hope it's really as you say, can assure you that there are many days that sent many emails

    but thats not only the problem , but the version constructor 2 steam and bought a really crappy version, unstable, inability to download version from the official website because steam does not release a common executable package with activation serial number, and the serial number is not 'even viewable in the interface of the program

  • I can't comment on steam customer care ,personally I will never sign up or purchase anything via steam...

    I would say Scirra has been one of the most honourable and helpful companies I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, I guess the Christmas period will be the reason you have not had any help from them...

  • or scirra contacted several times asking for help and assistance but till today not yet received any response from them

    If receiving help and assistance from Scirra be the first to comment positively on it

  • If Construct crashes, make sure that you have updated your graphic card drivers.

    As DuckfaceNinja said, Scirra is a two men team (not a mutlinational with billions of employees) who's probably taking some well deserved time out during those end of year holidays. Give them a few days and they'll come back right at you.

    Also you're complaining over the fact that the version you bought requires Steam to run, than in this case you shouldn't have bought the Steam version but bought it directly from Scirra's website.

    For this it's nothing but your own fault as there are lots of threads on this very forum (an example in this very first page) that states the pros and cons of buying on steam.

    I'm sorry you're having a bad experience but please give it a bit of time to get solved. It's Christmas/holidays for everybody.

    Just out of curiosity, when did you buy your version, when did you send Scirra an email and what are your computer's specs and OS ?

  • I thank you of your advice

    my graphics card and updated thanks

    I had not read the comments rigurdavano constructor 2 on steam

    and I happened to see this offer on steam and or wanted to purchase the program, I did not know that the version of steam was not a normal version, I had no idea that programs aquistati of steam were different versions

    if I had known I would never have bought it on steam

    never used steam in my life and I will not use it more

    listen your advice and expect an answer and help from scirra

  • Give it a few more days, Scirra guys should come back to you.

  • Thanks

    I hope scirra that at least they help me


    as the first and the last customer of steam for those who have been attracted by offering low-cost constructor 2 ,I recommend not bought for not any reason, the of version constructor 2 of stean, unless you want to throw away your money

    And I think that steam does not deserve to have constructor 2 in their lists of programs because they ruin the reputation

  • Francesco I recommend downloading the free edition of the latest stable release from this site, and working with that until you hear from Scirra.

    Anything you develop would carry straight over to the full version if you did end up buying the "proper" version.

    Have fun.

  • I'm sorry if we haven't been able to immediately respond to any support emails - there are only two of us who look at emails and we've both been having some time off over the holidays. We should have announced this before taking the time off, so my apologies. If it is urgent you can contact me directly at

    We provide a free edition of Construct 2 on both Steam and directly from our site so you can test out the features and see how it works, and make sure it works smoothly. For the vast majority of our customers we understand Construct 2 is pretty stable, but in some circumstances buggy graphics card drivers can cause crashes. There's not much we can do about that since it's the graphics card vendor who has written broken code, not us.

    All content on Steam - the entire catalogue of games and apps - are tied to Steam and require Steam to be running for the game or app to run. This is normal for all Steam content and is enforced by Valve. However if you don't use Steam, it's a good reason to buy it directly from us instead of from Steam. Since Valve handle all authentication and payment for games and apps on the Steam store, I'm afraid we also cannot help with any refund requests - they will have to go via Valve.

    I'd encourage everyone to try out the Free edition before thinking about making a purchase - that's what it's there for and giving it a try for a few days before buying should hopefully avoid any surprises.

    Edit: I'd also add the Steam version is absolutely identical to the one available from our site in terms of features - it's only the licensing that is different and handled via Steam instead of our usual license file. You can also get beta releases with the Steam version as described here:

  • Try to disable the steam community for Construct 2, maybe this is causing your instabilities.

    Whats wrong with updating through steam? If you want beta updates, switch to beta in steam.

  • or purchased on steam just because it was discount , but I did not imagine never ever that the version sold on Steam was different from the one sold to you, that the steam version does not have an executable file and an executable that is independent but works through steam, in this misled many others who bought constructor 2 on steam, believing to receive a package just like normal when it was purchased by the manufacturer's official website

    I had already tried it and I liked the constructor 2 bought for it, the only thing that got me out of steam and was aquistare discount constructor 2 personal edition

    or try the free version downloaded from this site and it works perfectly, the problem is not a hardware or software but the problem is that the version of the constructor sold on steam unstable

    There are many other users who have commented on this issue, ie What version of constructor 2 Sold by steam and unstable

    it also says that many have tried to download the version from the official site to try to use that but suddenly after installing the steam license is canceled

    I bought constructor 2 because I like that interests me and I do not want a refund but a version with a normal executable file and a of personal activation code version

    you can release me an activation code that I can enter to activate a normal version of construcor 2 downloaded from your site?

    copies sold on steam for constructor 2 are your property or steam?

  • I'm afraid we cannot issue Steam refunds since Valve handle all payments. If you want to transfer to the standalone version you should request a refund from Steam and then purchase again directly from us. Again, both versions are absolutely identical in terms of features, except in how they handle licensing, which is a mandatory requirement imposed by Valve and is the same for all software listed on the Steam store.

    We previously had a stability issue that affected a minority of users; we worked to address it and we believe the issue was fixed. AFAIK this is the first case of stability issues on the Steam version we've heard of since r152. The most common cause of stability issues are buggy graphics card drivers. It's also possible the problem is caused by Steam - have you tried disabling features like the "in-game community"?

  • sincerely, i bought and use a lot trough all the day my C2 personal edition from steam and don't have any issues. I use the free version too. always the stable one to accompany my personal edition, that way i can open more than one game at a time and copy things or chek things between then. so i dont see any issues using the steam version. you just need to check your system i think.

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