Construct 2 Steam edition won't exit/close properly

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  • Hello! This issue has been pestering me since one year. The issue appears on different computers that I use (one desktop with Win 7 and one laptop with Win 8).

    Every time that I exit C2 and leave the Steam open, and than want to reenter it, ie. launch again C2, Steam complains with Failed to start game (app is already running).

    This issue is all the more annoying, since I cannot close Steam, since it waits for ever for C2 to shutdown.

    And Since I develop a plugin, it becomes a total nightmare to shutdown Steam via Windows taskbar, 'cause I need to relaunch C2 in order to see the effects of the plugin modification.

  • I use the Steam edition too on a Win 8 system, but your issue never happend to me...very strange. You see the C2 app in your task manager when this happens?

  • Sometimes it happens to me too.

  • To me, it happens most of the time, and is so annoying! So annoying that I'm considering buying a stand-alone version of C2 in order to be liberated from this nightmarish behavior.

    No, I don't see the C2 app in the task manager. I have to kill Steam in order to relaunch Steam and C2. So annoying when you are developing a plugin.

  • it happens at my pc at work too, here i have nvidia driver and windows 7 Pro 64.

    i think its worth a bug report.

  • Lunarovich

    "Developer mode for previewing

    By default Construct 2 only loads runtime scripts when previewing a project for the first time. Closing and reopening a project will cause Construct 2 to re-load the runtime scripts for all plugins. However, you can also set Construct 2 in to 'developer mode' which causes it to re-load plugin runtime scripts every time you press preview. This can save time during development since you can edit scripts while keeping a project open. To set developer mode, run regedit and open the following registry key (create it if it doesn't exist):


    and add the key devmode and set it to 1 (DWORD value). Note this does not affect edittime scripts - these are only ever loaded the first time the editor starts up, so to reload them you must still close and reopen Construct 2."

    This may help you when editing the runtime of your scripts, even though it does not relate to the steam issue.

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  • Aphrodite Thanks! That should help quite a bit.

    MarkusR Yeah, I agree, completely.

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