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  • Hello Constructians,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that going from a game making hobby to a career and having your game ideas created by a development team, does happen.. it happened to me.

    I built and released "Battlemat" as a concept virtual tabletop built with Construct 2 for Newgrounds a little over a year ago.. it got 5th place of the day and even though it was more of an App than a game it still got 10k hits and some great comments. That pushed me to keep learning and keep developing.

    I started investing a little cash in my toolset on Steam and other places..Started dipping my hand in everything from 3D modeling, texture making, more coding, game design and a bunch of technical tutorial.. Until I felt I could tackle Unity3d.

    I was only 20% of the way into building the new Battlemat and I got picked up by a professional studio asking if I could work with them to make my game a DLC for their product.. I said sure that sounds like a plan. I worked my tail off at my day job and then in the evenings I worked on a game design plan that others could understand, wrote code snippets, did some 3D artwork and made little tech demos I felt would get my idea across to them with ease.

    A month or so later the game development studio was impressed by my level of commitment and drive so they hired me full time to work on the new Battlemat. We have now completed the Battlemat DLC and it's currently on sale in Steam. The studio is also keeping me employed full time to work on future projects.

    Keep making games for fun it can pay off. If you see an opportunity, grab onto it and work really hard not to let it go.

    Newgrounds Battlemat Concept (Built in Construct 2):

    New Battlemat on Steam:


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