Construct 2 starts running slow

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  • Hi, my project have 3666 events at this moment, when manage events (add events or edit events) I note that Construct 2 begins to show the window something slow.

    When adding an event is somewhat slow, sometimes takes a little window to appear, also it occurs when editing an event.

    This indicates to me, "do not use construct 2 for a large project."

    Does anyone else to notice this ?.

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  • - Yes, this happened to me also on the r229 update on large projects but on small projects it seems unnoticeable. But If you make a project large enough, sluggishness happens until on some point that errors show up.

    Bug Report:

  • Yes, I feel the same, although I have not yet had errors, only slowly and some error when redraw some windows.

    For example, some windows are made smaller but the areas that should be deleted to suit the size do not redraw then an visual error occurs with this zone of the window.

    If this is only trouble with this R229 version, then I am happy.

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