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  • What are peoples' thoughts on adding a C2 splash screen to the start of their games?

    I'm currently working on a Nintendo WiiU game, and about to put it through its final stages, when I've decided that I'm going to include a C2 splash screen.

    I've also got 2 interviews lined up with game media sites, and I've specifically asked if I can promote Construct 2 to try to encourage others to give it a go, and they appear to be really excited about that prospect.

    I know I ask a lot of questions on here, and I can be pretty blunt with my words, but I really appreciate what Ashley and Tom have done over these last few years, and anything I can do to help them. I hope they have learned over the years to put up with my groaning and moaning, and especially the idiotic questions. I'm not the greatest writer when I'm sleep deprived I'm an early adopter, and have stuck with C2 for this long. I know I couldn't have done what I have achieved over the last year without Scirra's help, so this will be my mini-way of paying it forward.

    I'm just wondering how many other people are doing this? While some companies force a splash screen on you (Ludei?), Scirra give you a choice. I'd encourage people to include a splash screen at the beginning of their games to help Construct 2 hit their 1 million mark sooner than expected. Even for just one game.

    Ashley Tom I'm really impressed with what you guys have achieved! My sincerest congratulations!

  • I might include a splash screen to one of my games

    Heck even my daring do one have one "Powered by Construct 2" thingy, I'd like to let the world know I am using it, not sure if I'd use a splash screen though, in the credits I guess in that case.

  • I'm going to have a powered by Construct 2 appear as the first thing. To me, it's no different than the Unreal Engine logo appearing at the beginning of a lot of games.

    Even if it helps attract a single customer to Scirra, then it's worth it.

    You can get their logo from their press kit, located here:

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  • AnD4D I love C2 more that any other engine, It is just that I'd rather have the player go into the game quicker, It is not like not having a C2 splash screen, but no splash screen at all.

    I might consider having one for sound preloading's sake (not for games I plan to sell for non exclusive licenses though, but for others, It'll be fine).

    I don't remember playing a game using the unreal engine by the way, I might prefer using the C2 logo in the intro of a game personnally

  • I have my company logo appear just before a loading screen, for a total of 2 seconds. I'll put the C2 logo just before that for the same amount of time.

  • Ya, I'm not fond of company/whatever cutscenes at all (unless it's used inplace of a loading screen). It's okay/cool the first time you open a game, but watching it 5 (and with games you love 1000) times is entirely unacceptable and adds up a lot over time where people are tired of watching (and even pressing a button to skip it gets tedious). Menu work etc. should be as efficient as possible, so that the player is in the game ASAP!

    Ideally viewing credits by itself should be optional, don't force it on the player and waste their time if they're not interested. Or have it small somewhere, like in the corner of the menu for instance. (I feel the same way about advertisements taking up the entire screen though.)

  • When loading times are longer than the company logo, I have no issue with it. Nearly every game has a short splash screen.

  • Thanks for the kind comments! Splash screens are much appreciated, as is any word-of-mouth recommendations. Not required of course, but we're really grateful when we do see people spreading the word!

    AnD4D thank you so much if you manage to plug Construct 2 in any interviews!

  • Tom, although I've made one of my own, do you happen to have a "Powered By Construct 2" logo?

  • I'll probably include one.... if I ever finish my game.

  • AnD4D all our logos are available in the press kit:

    No specific "Powered by" logos though I'm afraid!

  • Tom, yup, that's what I used to create my logo:

  • For the MMO I am launching in half a year, I have C2's logo in the Credits section (front end engine) and my own backend logic engine right next to it

  • For the whole "why make users wait?" deal, why not just allow it to be skipped with any input? Or make use of it by, like someone else mentioned, preloading objects/sounds/& whathaveyou?

  • I like to keep any unnecessary stuff away from the user, but at the same time like to give credit where due.

    So I include a credits screen that can be viewed by the user IF THEY want to.

    The credit screen is a rolling text type thingy like you get at the end of movies and such. Before the credits start rolling it shows several logos all displayed using the fade in behaviour. Currently in this order: 1) Our logo. 2) HTML5 logo. 3) Contruct2 logo. 4) Our game title. 5) Our web site address.

    When they finish the text credits start rolling. The text also include reference to HTML5 and a 'This game was created using Construct2, the coolest game making software out there' and a plug for Ashley and Tom pointing

    To me this gives credit where due, a plug for those that made it possible, but at the same time it is non-invasive.

    Tom, although I've made one of my own, do you happen to have a "Powered By Construct 2" logo?

    Yeah it would be nice to have an official 'powered by' logo.

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