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  • Hi,

    I'm new about the construct 2.

    Does anybody can help me?

    How can i export any construct 2 project to android or IOS with the sounds working.

    my case:

    I did a project in the construct 2 with some sounds,


    I exported to html5. After i took the html5 files and put in the phonegap assets/www directory, when i ran the eclipse with android to my cellphone android,

    the sounds didn't work.

    thx for patiente.

  • Export for PhoneGap (you'll need the paid version of C2) and use cordova-1.7.0 as it's the most stable. You'll also need to change the .js reference in the index.html from phonegap.js to cordova-1.7.0.js.

    ...or if you're not bothered about the extra flexibility you get from Eclipse, use phonegap build or cocoonJS instead.

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  • Did you encode AAC (.m4a) audio files? These are required on some mobile platforms, and the files are not automatically encoded if you're on Windows XP or Vista.

  • I exported to html5.

    Do you mean the "HTML5 website" option on the dropdown export menu? If so you have to choose Phonegap.

    If you are compiling your app through eclipse you may check your logcat window for errors playing your game with usb cable plugged in (if you don't see any error set log level to verbose and search for some strange behaviors on your log)

    If you don't see any window called logcat you can make it appear with window -> show view -> logcat

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