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  • Here's a thought that would help people evaluate the product behiond what is possible with the free version.

    I think Scirra should have a presence on the app stores where C2 is able to export, of some iconic games, like the one that are right now on the showcase. I'm suggesting to use those, cause let's face it, people want to see something that inspires them and I'm afraid, small tech demos really are not that appealing.

    Everyone here is loving what Scuba Bear, The next Penelope, Cosmochoria, Coin Op Story and Airscape and all the other so why not ask to use them as a real world showcase? Maybe build mobile demo versions?

    These don't need to be full fledged games anyway, but just simple demos with limited functionality, showing what can really be done with C2, so that people can better evaluate the product.

    What do you think Ashley?

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  • Gianmichele

    someone would download Android game,

    see jittering in Crosswalk,

    and then what?

    I have downloaded "Airscape" demo long time ago, and it was jittering too

    soo maybe it would be shoot in the foot

  • szymek even with those issues, that is still a valid request that I think could be fullfilled (the goal of a company is to show their product entirely, not to hide the issues so they come back at them afterwards).

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