Construct 2 : Shaders ? Lighting ?

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  • Greetings everyone ! I'm used to use LibGDX and Box2dLight to create my little games and set the lighting. If you don't know Box2Dlight, you just have to know that it's a very powerful tool which can make some really good effect for your games. As example, here's some pictures found on the internet to show the beast :

    I know the (really good) reputation of Construct 2 and, in consequences, I wonder if it contains some function to make a similar render to our games ? Or something. Otherwise, do you know if Construct 2 is compatible with Sprite Lamp ? In brief, I'm interested by C2 but I want to know if this kind of lighting configuration is possible on it. Thanks !

  • I don't think C2 is compatible with Sprite Lamp yet. There is a build in Shadow&Lighting system but if you add more than one light sources it causes some artifacts that ruin the experience.

    I've made some examples on this topic if you want to have a look.

    There is an alternative way to do lighting however, R0J0hound has made a wonderful multi-light system. Please note that it is a complicated system to set up, and you'll need an additional plugin, named Canvas.

    Bellow are the relative topics, look for R0J0hounds's example capx.

  • thanks mate !

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  • You are welcome!

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