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  • I figured these belong in their own thread, questions directed straight at Ashley that everybody needs to know. There perhaps needs to be an engineering section as well, as I've already started picking apart the Javascript within Construct 2. I have two questions to start us off that are pretty important.

    • Within GetPluginSettings(), there is a section for "flags", and scanning the existing files available, I can see pf_singleglobal, which appears to be for singleton objects like Keyboard. I have also found pf_texture, pf_position_aces, pf_size_aces, and pf_single_aces, which appear to prepare Construct for actions, conditions, and expressions using these things, but I'm not sure. Could you give us a full list of these flags please? Preferably with a short explanation of what each does.
    • In the property list, there is within each property, a type to describe what kind of property it is. Could we also get a list of these? (Examples: ept_text, ept_font, ept_color, ept_combo)
    • A list of return types would be cool too, though I could probably guess them based on the original SDK. (Example: ef_return_string)

    EDIT: I just found the answer to most of these questions in a file that I didn't know even existed, because I'm stupid and Ashley put it in the original extension thread. There is three "preclude" files in your html5 folder that define all of these flags. I did not know about them, they are there.

    However, I think having this thread so that all these little tidbits of knowledge are in one spot is still a great idea.

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  • Yeah, reading through the definitions and comments in exporters\html5\edittime_prelude.js and common_prelude.js is a good way to get going quickly. All the flags are defined and commented (briefly) there, if you need more specific information, do ask!

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