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  • Is there a roadmap for features going into Construct? (updates to version 2 and beyond?)

  • No, Ashley expressed hesitancy about pulically showing up coming features. Does want Game Salad, Game Maker Studio to know what features are coming. Then do them before hand.

    I don't agree, but I do understand :(

    However, he does hint what is on the todo list here and there :D

  • Whilst I do agree with keeping things private, one argument I have in my mind, is...

    If you're making a software, and were to hunt for a competitors "to-do" list, wouldn't you just look at your competitors forum and see all the people making "Suggestion" topics and noticing the Admin saying "This has been added on the todo list!"? I mean, avoiding a list of upcoming features just means that a competitor has to do a little bit of forum research and then they'll get their answers.

    Again, I DO think it helps and adds to our suprise anyway, and I've noticed that almost all releases, Ashley never even hints about the features that will be in it and blows us away when it does get released. :P

  • Well the recent poll gives an idea of what he has in mind:

  • I can totally understand the no roadmap policy, a roadmap would just put self induced pressure on a small team,like Scirra.

  • Another reason not to show the To-Do List: the length would break the website. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The main reason is often we don't actually know what we're going to do next. I'm not really that bothered about competitors, it's just that technology moves fast and we prefer to chop and change to adapt to developments as they happen, rather than commit ourselves to specifics and then either disappoint people if we change our mind, or miss out on new developments as they happen.

    We have a vague roadmap (e.g. to ultimately cover everything in that poll), but we can't give ETAs. We do occasionally post roadmaps on our blog (see the archive), but only when we're relatively confident about what we'll be doing, and I can't guarantee anything specific right now (other than we will be working hard on stuff, and it will be cool ;) )

  • If you want to please your customers, you have a list and allow your customers to determine what comes next. I know plenty of companies who post their Roadmap, and it helps developers plan for change/enhancements (as well as instill confidence that the product will remain relevant for the future).

  • To develop a feature we have to weigh up a lot of factors, such as how much users want it, as well as the technical complexity/feasibility and the overall direction of the product. For example if we had a public feature request system I'm sure "make Construct 3D" would be one of the top requests, but I don't think most users understand how technically demanding and difficult it would probably still be to make a game. Same goes for other features like online multiplayer: even if we provide really great tools, you need to read up on a lot of theory to make it actually work. Otherwise you'll effectively be trying to drive down the highway in a tractor. Hype always makes people think things will be better than they actually are, and being a small company we really want to avoid spending a lot of time on developing things which we predict will actually be difficult to get practical use out of. User votes on wanted features rarely seem to take that in to account.

  • This insight is very intersting.

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  • The roadmap says, things will be improved and added on a regular basis.

    I'm more than happy with that.

  • Ashley, obviously your perception of a requested feature's feasibility is going to be a primary factor in it making it to your Roadmap. But your Roadmap is for professional developers, not the hobbyists who want 3D and networking NAAOOOO! Your pros know 3D and networking is difficult (and maybe even out-of-bounds for C2), and understand it might not even be in the top ten. But there are reasonable requests that should be placed in order of importance and scheduled appropriately.

    I do understand your reasoning. I just think you should accommodate your reasonable pro users, not the starry-eyed hobbyists. :-)

  • cklester - but as I say we like to chop and change. For example the Blackberry 10 support wasn't really planned in advance, it just became an opportune time to support it for various reasons. I'm sure everyone would agree it would be better not to promise specific things than to make lots of promises that we either drop or get postponed for a long time.

  • Ashley, I don't know anyone who considers a Roadmap a promise. No doubt, some do. :-D

    oh well!

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