Is Construct 2 right for me?

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  • Greetings!

    I currently have a game idea that in principe is fairly straight forward. It involves controlling animations (that I make in Daz3D and export as image series) frame by frame. I want the player to be able to control these animations' advancement/transversement by pressing and dragging the mouse in appropriate axis. E.g. clicking and dragging to the left on an open newspaper would turn the page (an animation that might consist of 50 png files). I've tried doing this in actionscript-3 but the math and programming required is simply beyond me. Preferably, I would also like to export the project to an swf file, or at least something that will run directly in a browser. Would this be possible using Construct 2? What would be the difficult level involved?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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  • palmer Construct 2 can certainly do what you want - and it doesn't get any easier than C2 from what I have seen.

    C2 doesn't export swf files, but it does build HTML5 games that run in browsers.

    There is a learning curve to get over, but there are lots of templates to try, tutorials to read, and a very friendly and helpful community if you get stuck. Best of all, you can try the free version to see how it all works.

  • Yes, C2 will be able to handle this game of yours. The development process will be much simplier and faster than in any other engines, but still, you'll have to learn to make a game efficiently in C2. Check out the tutorials section:

  • Yeah totally doable. Try out the free edition first thought, so you can see if you like it's workflow, which in my opinion is good. Also as glerikud said, go trough tutorials.

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