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  • Hi,

    Please accept my appologies if this has been answered elsewhere but after spending a while looking I've not found a bean.

    I'm designing a game with a large number of levels of which each level has its own layout and event sheet. I'm curious if say for example a game consists of 50 layouts how does HTML5/Construct2 handle these? Are all layouts and events loaded into memory at start or are they only loaded when required? If they are all loaded and I have 200 sprites but the active layer only uses 30 of these sprites are resources only assigned to the 30 active sprites or are resources assigned to all 200?

    If I have a sprite with physics on layout 1 and then when I go to layout 2 and don?t need the previous sprite will that sprite be automatically destroyed or will it continue to use resources? Is layout 1 destroyed when layout 2 is loaded or will Layout 1 still use up resources?

    I guess what I?m trying to ask is that are resources only used for the active layer and it?s current items or do layers and sprites etc continue to use a certain percentage of resource when they are not active?



  • Anyone?


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  • C2 currently loads everything into memory from the start. Ashley has mentioned better loading features are on the to do list.

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Desktop machines tend to have so much memory there's really no problem with loading the entire project on startup. It also makes sure layouts switch quickly in the game (there's no unloading or loading that needs to be done).

    A game that size would be more of a problem for mobile, but as Arima said, we've got features planned to load layout by layout and such.

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