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  • <Sorry for my English if there are some problems about grammar or vocabs>

    The topic named 'About Construct 2 release 209' I am writing here does not contains anything about bugs or technical problem. Because I don't have a license, so I say as a free user.

    If you have a license, I think that you don't have to read this.

    Let's get started.

    First, I want to talk about new features

    You can see that in r209 there is a Windows 10 exporter and a new C2 splash loader.

    In my mind, when r208 is released, I don't think that Scirra will make the win10 exporter free because, Xbox One, I don't have to say more about this. If you don't know win10, google it.

    But, the splash loader, that's what I want to talk more about this. => Another new thing.

    Second, yes and I am talking about the splash loader. Look at this:


    There is a new loader style in Project Properties called Construct 2 splash, designed by our artist Paulo Ricardo Reinehr. This shows a "Powered by Construct 2" style screen which looks like this. It's mobile-optimised and adapts to any size screen or aspect ratio. Projects published with the Free edition are required to use it, but licensed users can still change the loader style (or opt-in to use it if you want to help promote Construct 2).

    Yep. You can compare between the free and paid edition:

    • Free edition:

    + Can't export game to iOS, Android, desktop app, Wii U or game with IAP, ads.

    + Can't export game that has over 100 events.

    + Can't use for commercial purpose.

    But the paid edition can remove all limitations.

    But, what's the difference between r209 and earlier releases?

    You can use your own loader! That's the difference.

    Maybe you can't use it for commercial purpose, but it can make reputation (or popularity). Everyone can know you, you will be famous, that can motivate you to make awesome game then you can make money.

    But the C2 loader (it's not bad) can destroy your reputation. All games made with Free edition are all using the SAME loader, so you can't make a good first experience.

    So, here's what i want to say:

    Please let it free for free user. If it was free in the past, just let it free now. Or the users won't download new releases, they will download older releases.

    Who agrees with my opinion?

  • Why would the loader screen destroy your reputation ?

    You could still add a small splash/loader screen of your own after the c2 one.

    Also, the free version is able to export to html5, these exports can be used in a wide variety of 3rd party tools to still reach those restricted platforms. (Mobile web anyone?).

  • Lots of commercial programs that make available a free or trial version insist that their logo or splash screen is shown at start of program, which is not unreasonable.

    They are, after all, trying to run a business.

  • I plan on using that loader, even though I'm making a full commercial product.

    It's certainly not going to 'destroy your reputation'.

  • Why don't get a Personal License then? All your problems would be solved and the price scirra is charging for the personal license is more than fair.

    Moreover you support scirra to make C2 (eventually C3) even better

  • The free edition can still use loader layouts. So if your project takes a long time to load, you can have your own layout to show the progress, and the C2 splash will only appear briefly before the loader layout.

  • goldenskygiang Personal edition is not expensive. Even the extended business licence is not expensive. I wouldn't even bother calling myself a proper developer releasing games on a free version that's probably only intended for people to try, play around with, and get the hang of, and learn how to use. If you are serious about making games and release them to the public you should invest in a proper license, in my point of view. If you worry about "looking bad" with a fee version loader, i would say it looks even worse trying to hide the fact that you are using a free version. They offer you a great but a bit limited software for free, the least thing you can do is give something back and promote construct 2 using the default loader...

  • + what Zenox98 said this is common practice for most free use engines. You give something to get something no different then Unreal Game Engine, Unity and more. So don't see a big hoopla about the splashscreen. I just don't like that fact that something given for free and free users complain about what the developer expectations or set limits are. At least they don't go with the old saying of "You get what you pay for." Pay nothing get nothing.

  • tunepunk You can say that the Personal edition is not expensive, i think that over $100 in the US is not expensive but in my opinion, it's completely expensive. That's over than 2 millions in my currency. I can't afford that with my income. I can buy a smartphone costs less than that.

    If I have to buy a license to unlock that, I prefer downloading older version to using the newer one.

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  • goldenskygiang: Although I understand the issue with cost and currency conversion, still be aware that pirated version will cost you a lot in the long run.

    Since the game released with those will get you into penal troubles and cost you FAR MORE than the cost of the license, even in your own country/currency.

    So be really thoughtful and please, don't encourage such attitude on these forums.

    For western countries, the license is indeed affordable, and even there some people will still complain about the price. In the end, as mentioned in this topic, it is also true that if you are serious about your tool, you pay the price you have to pay to get it. And C2 is still amongst the cheapest offers around in terms of game making tool.

    If you are serious about game making and using C2 for it, saving for a license is the way to go. You don't get the license now, sure, but at least you prevent yourself a lot of troubles later.

    Or participate in the various contests that pop up on the web to win a license.

    Think about it, don't be a thief.

  • Kyatric - I don't think they were suggesting piracy, just that they had the option of using releases older than r209. That's OK, they're still there, but in the long term they will fall a long way behind the bug fixes, browser support and new features of the later releases.

  • goldenskygiang I don' think the loader is going to ruin your business. If you make a great game that becomes popular you would probably earn enough to buy the business version. I understand that a personal loader will look a bit more professional and fit the graphic style of your game, but if people like your game they are not gonna stop like the game because of a loader. Most professional games mention what engine/technology was used to make it, so don't worry about it too much.

  • Oh indeed, my bad !

    goldenskygiang, I misread your post, sorry about that.

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