Construct 2 quit when choosing "run" r244 64bit

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  • Hi all,

    I have an annoying Construct 2 behaviour.

    I just updated to version 244 for Windows 64 bit.

    I choosed a few times "run" to test my project at runtime and everything was fine.

    However after adding some conditions to my project, now I can choose "Run" and then Construct 2 quits unexpectedly without saving or asking to save the project.

    I thought it was my mistake. To make sure I started Constlruct 2 again with a brand new empty project. I choosed "Run" again and Construct 2 keeps quitting unexpectedly.

    Do you know if this is a bug or is it my doing?

    Thank you very much for your efforts to help me.


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  • Hi again,

    I thought Construct 2 was unpinned from the taskbar. Because there are many applications on that taskbar, I moved to the other section. I found Construct 2 icon again. When I placed my mouse over it, there where a lot of my project versions.

    So it is probably my mistake.

    Now when I startup Construct 2 again and run it, it behave normal again.


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