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  • During the development of my project, I have received multiple times the warning message of reaching over 1 Gb of memory. Since the first time, I had it I ve been trying my very best to make my graphics consume as little as possible. But now I have reached a point which made me really question the scale of C2 projects.

    I could spent hours on doing research about this, but Im quite frustrated about this and as before I wouldnt understand a quarter of the words Id read, so Ill just ask this simple question for simple answers.

    So right now my game takes about 750 mb of memory. The window is HD sized 1920, 1080 and all the objects fit in it, the larger one being imported as raw data from Spriter. As speaking of the major assets, the hero and the enemies, there are eight of them, eachs pixel size is inside 400, 400, each has about six animations, each animation has 10 to 15 frames. Then theres a bunch of small stuff like projectiles but they dont have animations and arent really consuming much.

    This is my game so far, but If I want to finish the game in the scale Ive planned, Ill soon face 1 GB again. So since the game is already nearing the gigabyte, based on what I described about my content, is it really too much? Is that warning coming just because C2 devs assume the games are going to be mobile? Mobile devices arent my concern, I aim only on PC. Or is it really that I have underestimated the C2s project scale and it just cant handle more than a gigabyte. If we take 2D games like Dust an Elysian Tail, which is 1.3 Gb, does that mean I cant make a game like that?

    I dont mean offence to C2 or its devs. I love C2s programming system. I will probably never learn written coding, because I struggle understanding it and it overwhelms my mind way too much. C2 is a solution which will allow me to make games all by myself. Im just frustrated right now because I had a big vision for my project and seek simple answers to ease my head a bit.

  • 94 - As long as you don't have 1 GB in a single layout, that's fine. I get that warning message all the time. If you DO, then you need to reassess your ideas a bit to get the number down. Reuse images, use smaller resolution images and scale them up in the construct editor instead, etc.

    Add a text object and set the text to imagememoryutil (or whatever it's called) to see what each layout has. Spriter will obviously help a lot with that.

    Keep in mind that 1GB isn't RAM, it's VRAM (the RAM on your video card) - most cards can actually handle ~1gb+, but it's best to assume most people that are going to play your game are playing them with potatoes.

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  • During the development of my project, I have received multiple times the warning message of reaching over 1 Gb of memory.

    In the latest version, we removed that warning.

  • Keeping it under a GB in single layouts, got it! This info helped a lot, thanks for the replies!

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