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  • Hey guys, with Construct 3 now around the corner I had a few questions for Ashley and I think most other people would have similar questions.

    Will we be able to upgrade our licenses from C2 to C3?

    Will we get more popular platforms supported (xbone, ps4, etc)?

    Will we get force feedback from controllers?

    Will we get more powerful physics/collision system? (Collision location points would be awesome)

    Would it be possible to write and attach scripts to objects (Like unity or unreal) as well as have the event system?

    From what i seen on the C3 page, there doesnt seem to be anything to justify the switch. I have recently spent quite a bit of time in Unity and I really like the power it brings to customize everything but of course it is harder but so much more expensive and with the Unreal Engine now free it opens up some options. I realize Construct is more entry level than Unity or Unreal but the limitations seems to be mainly in Export platforms, Input Options and Performance. I would love to see C3 become more competitive with these two.

    Just the ramblings of a long time C2 developer/lover.

  • You know that you have to pay 3k in order to develop for PS4?

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  • It has already been stated that Scirra plans to include a discount to upgrade from C2 to C3 but it will still have a cost. See this reference from a blog post by Ashley.

    [quote:1nmgbr0v]Construct 3 is likely a long way off, and upon its release we plan to have a great upgrade deal for existing Construct 2 users. Further, we are confident Construct 3 will be able to import Construct 2 projects, allowing you to easily transition over.

  • 3k to dev for ps4? You can borrow a ps4 dev kit for free. From what I've read they are easy to get. Also every xbone will soon be a dev kit (you can access the features already). Its good to hear about the upgrade, I have two pro licenses I will likely upgrade one then. Now just bring on a better Gamepad API , manual scripting built-in and some type of ps4/xbone wrapper!

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