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  • helena Don't worry they said C2 would continue to be supported. The were just speculating about C3.

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  • Not for a while helena, they said that even if they got into development for C3, they would still update C2, but maybe just less often.

  • Good, that's good! C2 still have a lot of things that could be improved on! As for me I like the GUI to be updated a little bit, the Event Editor in particular. As for now it is good but it can be improved.

  • ludei

    During the last podcast it was rumored that CJS will at some point support Cordova third party plugins. I'm pretty sure this is a mistaken association of your own plugins -> So could you confirm or deny the rumor? If it's true can you give a rough delivery date?

    I have also posted this topic in your community ->

    Kind regards,

    The Wyrm

  • TheWyrm

    It was mentioned to me by Ludei. I can't remember if it was an email, blog reply or what. I'll try to find out.

  • Hello,

    I am afraid I can not tell you much more than what it is already said in our Community. We are about announcing big improvements and great news, but we can not tell anything yet. Hope you understand the situation.


  • For those that are interested the reply in the community was as followed.


    At this moment, the only thing I can tell you is that we will announce something big really soon . We will keep you all informed.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

    Cheers .

    IF this does mean we can get third party Cordova plugins it will hopefully mean that we can use cranberrygame plugins in CocoonJS. Which will bring everything together into a pure awesome package. i.e. full iOS and Android support with all the trimmings (Ads, IAP, Social networking, etc). It's hard not to speculate so I'm going to have to keep my excitement to a minimum until an official announcement has been made.

    ludei I have something separate to ask you. Alot of people still use the export to CJS feature in C2. However, I'm pretty sure I read on your website that you prefer people to do a HTML export now. Can you clarify which is the best approach?

  • ludei I have something separate to ask you. Alot of people still use the export to CJS feature in C2. However, I'm pretty sure I read on your website that you prefer people to do a HTML export now. Can you clarify which is the best approach?

    Not sure in which part of the web you read it. The exporter is working as it should even in the latest release. However, if you prefer to use the html5 exporter, it will work too. If your plan is to develop a game using Canvas+, then for sure our exporter is better. If your target is the Webview+, I guess it depends on the nature of the game.


  • ludei

    I read it here ->

    So you would say use the HTML exporter for Canvas+ and the CJS export for Webview+?

  • just listened for the first time.. and you were is really cool to have on while you are working in C2.. good job guys! it's not easy to do a podcast! it takes a certain skill for sure..

    one comment about the need to take those click/pop artifacts out.. it was hard to hear.. maybe because I'm an audio guy... not sure what was causing it or if you use any editor after recording to do any fixes to the audio..

    keep up the good work.. I'll be listening..

  • I agree with you jobel, but I don't have time to edit it out as much as I'd like. Sometimes the guests don't have the right setup and we don't want to bother them too much with it, sometimes it's depends. I try to make it sound decent before I upload it, which I think it does.

    It could sound better but... I'm lazy and too eager to publish the episodes Actually, I wouldn't say I'm that lazy, but it's a lot of work and time that I just don't have.

  • Great job guys! I have only listened to about half of the episodes so far, but have thoroughly enjoyed them. It was awesome to hear Ashley talk about how it all started, and what to expect in the future.

    It is also fun checking out the various blogs and web sites - lots of useful info on what has been working, or not working so well.

    Thanks! Can't wait to hear more.

  • After listening to a few shows, I'm really digging the podcast.

    Since I mostly listen to podcasts on my phone it would be nice if you could add artist, title and a cover for the podcast audio file details. It's easier to track in my music player and it also looks nicer.

  • The RSS feed does all that for you. I haven't done it on the files themselves because I simply forgot. Most people use Stitcher and iTunes to listen to podcasts though.

  • Hi, what happened to the podcasts? I was really enjoying them but it's been like 2 weeks maybe?

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