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  • Subscribed in iTunes, excited to listen!

  • Next episode's guest is going to be ASHLEY. If you have any questions, let us know before this friday!

  • Looking forward to this

  • Here you go : ... nstruct-2/

    Episode 6, Ashley Gullen

  • Updated the first post with links to each episode

  • Great episode this week guys.

  • ArcadEd



    Great work. I enjoyed the last episode very much.

    I agree with not going 3D as it is so much more complex from a code and asset creation point of view. As I see it you choose the best engine for the job and for me that's creating 2D games quickly once to work on multiple platforms for a reasonable cost. If I wanted 3D then I would use Unity, but I wouldn't use Unity for 2D as its like using a sledgehammer to nail a picture to the wall.

    It's interesting to hear about thoughts regarding C3. The only thing I would say though is make sure you time it well. As soon as iOS8+ is the largest platform things will become a lot simpler in terms of publishing to mobile devices, and therefore HTML5 will be a much more plausible route for many other developers. So make sure you have all the major things in place that they need when they come knocking. i.e. Ads, IAP, Facebook(Post, Leaderboards, Achievements, invites) Twitter(post), GameCenter(Leaderboards,Achievements), Google Play Game Services(Leaderboards,Achievements), Analytics, Push Notifications... basically the same features as the big mobile games. The game creation part of C2 has been really well done in my opinion, so once you have that other fluff you can put dev in neutral.

    Perhaps for 200 you could host a C2 Christmas party?

  • Lets start taking bets on what platform C3 will use. heh

    Service based web editor, or perhaps a jump to something that can cross compile, Qt maybe?

    Anyway still lots of improvements to do to C2.

    Enjoyed the podcast guys.

  • Thank you for doing this! I'm really enjoying the discussions. I'm particularly interested in how C2 fits into the overall mobile app landscape as HTML5 becomes ubiquitous. I've found that making games with C2 is one thing, but knowing what to do with the game is completely different!

  • Thanks for the great feedback from everyone.

    I got the impression from Ashley that C3 will continue with HTML5, just with an updated UI than can be ported to other platforms like mac and possibly have the ability to allow custom plugins to modify the UI as well, like in Unity.

    I could be way off there .

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  • ArcadEd - that's right, it was the impression I was trying to give

  • I would love to ditch my glitchy Parallels windows experience for a native Mac Construct 2. Where do I sign/pay?

  • First time listening but really enjoyed it, will go back to the others. Well done.

  • I liked the interview with Ashley. I knew that modularity was a hard job, I had no idea the current IDE is the blocker it self. Well with apparently release 200 not being anything big, and pretty much all the major feature are now out. I personally think C2 should go into maintenance mode and Scirra should look into gearing up to C3. At this time I really feel that the rest of wanted game features are either blocked by C2 limitation(editor enhancement, modularity...) or the community can handle making the rest of the plugin features.

  • I am deaf so I can't listen to the podcast but the talk about C3 made me both interested and worried. I hope C2 won't be given up?

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