Does Construct 2 play well with Steam?

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  • I've been using Construct 2 for about 2 months and it is absolutely fantastic. I love every little detail about it. Except a small nag which is bothering me. If I do manage to make something halfway fun, I would naturally want to put it on steam. How compatible is C2 with steam. Do I need wrappers or does it export to .exe?

    I've noticed C2's biggest competitor, Fusion 2.5 has many more games on steam. Any reason why? Ive tried Fusion but don't care for it. Thanks for the time

  • export with node-webkit wrapper to exe

    create a great greenlight page and once you are greenlighted, you can publish to steam via steamworks partner website

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  • Ah ok, thanks! It's that easy or are there more steps?

  • Some of the problems people have had with my game on steam, this is using node webkit export:

    Can take a really long time to load. I can't reproduce this on any of my machines or friends machines but I had a fair few comments about it in the steam community hub.

    The game window can suddenly disappear for some people yet process is still running in the background. Again never happened in all of my testing.

    Game just wouldn't run for a fair few people at the start. One person said he got around this error by "fixed by del d3dx9_43.dll and replacing it with same 64bit" Not had any posts about it just not running since then so maybe people are using his fix.

    My game also runs slow for a lot of people but that was me over estimating the average persons PC. Expect a lot of your users to run the game with on board graphics.

  • Hmm, interesting. Sounds like problems one might run into with any engine. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. If you don't mind, what's the name of your game? Id like to check it out!

  • You can export .exe games and upload then to steam using NW.js (node-webkit).

    You can also use Steam services in your games with Greenworks plugin.

    In both cases, expect to find some bugs/glitches

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