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  • Hi there,

    I was just wondering if in the future there will be improvements to the physical behavior, I am developing a game where it's obligatory that on the screen there are many physical objects. This obviously creates a very bad lowering the performance of the application, so: is there a way to fix this problem or I have to resign myself to wait for an update? The game is already fairly well optimized

    Thanks for your time

  • yes there will be updates to c2 and the 3rd party exporter's update all the time to improve performance as-well as phones getting better. how are you exporting to mobile? what are you testing with? also set your physics engine to asm.js. For now it might be best to try and fake whatever you can and remove as many physics objects as you can and disable when not in use.

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  • How many objects are you using with physics? Which physics engine are you using? Have you tried different values of stepping interactions?

    Fiamma, per mia esperienza Asm.js crea dei rallentamenti ogni secondo su Android, al contrario box2dweb funziona inspiegabilmente molto meglio.

    Attualmente sto creando un gioco con un solo pezzo che usa la fisica ma nonostante ciò ci sono sempre dei piccoli fastidiosi rallentamenti, sia su vecchi telefoni come l'S2 sia su quelli nuovi con cpu snapdragon 801

  • Thanks for the answer:

    volkiller730 I am exporting my game with Crosswalk and I'm testing on Xperia Z2, stock and modded S2, S4, Note 8 and in all cases there is always the latency that ruins the gameplay, only the tablet performance is a little better.

    Is there a way to recreate the effect of a fall?

    BouncyTrip Well, on the screen there should be more or less than 50 objects also because my game is based entirely on physics. Can you explain me the stepping iterations? Anche in Italiano

  • I send you a private message

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