Construct 2 Personal License Problems

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  • Hey people, don't know if this is the correct area...

    I've bought the Construct 2 Personal via Steam, and the license was working as well. After a while I needed to change from computers, from my girlfriend's one (where my license was before) to mine. I've downloaded it again in Steam, with the "Personal title", but my license is not working anymore. In my gf computer it's working as aways, even after formating the system.

    Do anyone know how to help me getting my license to my computer?

    Sorry for my english, I don't speak it usually.

  • Hi, are you sure you've put your license correctly on the new computer ?

    You may want to send a mail to for more help/informations.

  • I will, thanks. I've purchased. Sometimes it works, appears "Construct 2 Administrator" when I open the software since I've removed it from her computer, but sometimes it says "Free Edition".

    Normally, if I log off the Steam and reconnect, it works. But I think there is some bug in it.:(

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  • Are you sure you're using the right Steam account? All authentication is handled through Steam, so I'm afraid there's not much I can think of that we could do about it - you might want to contact Valve about it.

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