Construct 2 Performance?

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  • you can try running my hardcore game in browser on android / ios, here's the link: ... index.html

    just turn debug in options to see framerate / cpusage (it's around 80MB so prepare for a long download <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> )

    it got everyhting for testing purposes, lots of enemies, particles, moving stuff, tiled sprites, and more.

    speaking generally of performance it's good, crosswalk improves xdk improves, you can even use visual studio to build your games and so on.. things are moving forward fast .)

  • saiyadjin testing performance on mobile browser may differ a lot from the performance of the same game wrapped into APK. Just saying.

    droxon Time is on our side obviously, so performance is surely much better than it was months ago when you tried it last time. Few weeks ago Ashley published his tests results for mobile performance. You might want to take a look: ... 16-edition

    Basically I don't think there are any performance issues with desktop and browser games now, just mobile performance is a kind of limitation still. However if you optimize your game correctly you can get pretty good results even with more complex games, but still mobiles are not as strong as desktops yet.

  • agreed, don't really have time to pack an apk, i could do it sometime this week if people want me to... non crosswalk version though

  • The game was running pretty great actually(most of the time) but every few secs there was some kind of lag for no reason and the frames dropped only for an instant, and I found this very annoying, and after many weeks trying I gave up.(some users tried to help me, but there was simply no solution... they believed it had something to do with the platformer obj)

    AFAIK that was a problem with old versions of NW.js (which may have been called Node Webkit back then) which has since been fixed.


  • Does C2 now supports 3D? or was that some kind of plugin?

    Not really. Some people experiment doing 3D with it but its still not really made for that.

    Example: ... 9659421697

  • Yeah, this recent blog post gives a good overview of the state of HTML5 performance. It's come on massively - for example Cordova on an iPad 3 ran at 3 FPS in 2012, but now gets 56 FPS. Even the Safari browser has seen improvements from 30 FPS to 54 FPS (iPad 3 again). So I'd say there's been a transformative improvement over the past few years!

    If you run in to any trouble with performance, I'd be happy to investigate the .capx - I regularly ask for this but rarely get the opportunity. I very rarely find examples where the C2 engine is itself the bottleneck.

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  • Yeah, this recent blog post gives a good overview of the state of HTML5 performance.

    I can't believe I missed that post.

    I always had faith in HTML5 games and the increasing improvements that are being done along the way.

    Well, in some of my recent tests with small demos, I exported some of them to Android and they ran just as well as most native APK games I have installed.

    The continuous support to cordova/webview is really exciting.

    Also, Intel XDK had a great update over the past few weeks.

  • Performance on PC was horrid a few months ago due to major issue with the wrapper, NWjs, older versions had buggy vsync, resulting in stutters and dropped frames. They also had memory leaks that caused bigger games to lag out after a short play session.

    I'm happy to say it's all fixed with recent NWjs builds.

    Mobile wise, WKWebView on iOS is extremely fast. But Android is still poor for bigger complex games.

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