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  • If there could be some kind of patch updater instead of downloading the whole app from scratch . That would be ideal for people which do not have high speed internet.I tried to download the latest construct 2 with no luck at all. All the other game making apps are downloading like they should (Unity , UDK etc) . Tried 15 times to download Construct 2 and it seems that it stops at 55-60 megs every time.

    Also tried the torrent but it remains the same . So now i am stuck at R139 .

  • Try use another browser?! Or you could use wget, powershell or BITSADMIN

  • Sorry I overlooked the torrent comment, so you've tried alternate download methods..

    What AV are you running?! It might be worth temporarily disabling it

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  • Are you sure it's not a problem with your connection? Torrents should be pretty robust in the face of flaky connections - when you come back online it should just resume right off.

  • Ashley finally downloaded the latest build via torrent . Don't know why i had try so many times though , guess it's because of to much traffic and congested lines over here. The latest build is fantastic as always. Thank you for the tips and suggestions everyone.

  • Don't worry DravenX, my line is pretty stable and fast and construct 2 times out server side just before end of nearly every download attempt - very annoying. I use torrent, and it takes about 30min because only 2 seeders usually lol.

  • The Scirra server does seed the latest beta and stable release torrents, so in theory it should be at least as fast as an ordinary download.

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