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  • Does anybody have their game on the Ouya? I just updated the console and I have access to the store. Won't be adding my game for a couple of days.

  • Just to bump the thread. Nope.

    Still working on my game. I have most of the core gameplay done. Now it's just to get all the little fiddly bits, graphics integration, polish... polish and more polish.

    Then comes the integration with the Ouya Controller and IAP. So my game has some ways to go. Hopefully in April. I will update when I releae :P and let everyone know.

    Good luck rfisher :) So what are you using for your game. Phonegap and your controller plugin, Psema4 wrapper?

  • jayderyu

    Currently my controller implementation is very limited. I'm using the standard Phonegap android project and then editing the java code to turnoff the browser sound effects and stop the "A" button from exiting the game.

    Exiting Ouya games is a problem right now. I tried 3 different games and had trouble exiting with each one.

    Also Phonegap has problems with music not looping, so any background music needs to be restarted manually.

  • So rfisher, manage to push your game out yet?

    what forms did you need to fill out tax wise before being able to finish?

    what did you need to do? if you have at all.

  • jayderyu

    I'm still working on it and since its going to be 100% free I don't think I will have to fillout any tax forms.

    I'm just taking my time making sure that it plays like it does in a PC browser.

  • Good luck. Any tips we should know within C2 that we should keep in mind.

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  • jayderyu

    Test your game on a slow device, I got a $80 Android tablet I got from and I use that to test for fps dependency. Then change the events to get better peformance based on what I see. The end result is a decent fps on the Ouya.

  • I'd love to make a game for Ouya some day but I don't have the console nor time yet.

    Are there any tutorials or FAQ about what to be aware of when making Construct 2 games for Ouya?

  • Nexus 7 tablet is nearly identical to ouya in hardware, i have one and im testing my games in it, not hard to reach 45-60 fps most of the time. I hope that ludei give us gamepad support for ouya soon :D

  • I have Nexus 7 so that's good to know. Although Ouya would also have controller to worry about wouldn't it?

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