Construct 2 - Mobile Plataform Questions

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  • Hey guys,

    I?m an indie mobile developer and have some games released using another no code engine but now I have interest to start develop using Construct 2.

    I have some questions regards this tool:

    1 - The process to compile to Android and IOS are easy and working right now?

    2 - Construct 2 supports tables/arrays?

    3 - Construct 2 support XML/Tiled maps?

    4 - The license is lifetime or 1 year subscription?

    5 - Construct 2 supports any kind of AD banner in mobile?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 1. Yes it is. You'll have to use CocoonJS, Intel XDK, Phonegap and some other HTML5 to native compiler.

    2. Yes it does.

    3.Yes, on beta release r149

    4.The license is lifetime

    Lastly, i believe it does, try searching around the forums i think there is a plugin which the allows the AD banner from CocoonJS

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