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  • It's simple. All you have to do is open Construct 2 in Construct 2 and export to HTML 5, then you can run it in any browser on mobile.

    (If for whatever reason it's not clear, this is a joke. However , if you somehow get it to work you're welcome and you now owe me $10$.)

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  • arcab072081

    I've said that before knowing that C3 would be browser-based. Developing a "different" version only for phones would be a waste of time, but since C3 will run in browser, they only added an interface for mobiles and I'm ok with that.

    I welcome this feature since it could be useful on the go, or small debugging, but I still stand for my initial point "I seriously doubt you can do anything productive on a <5" screen." I mean, you can, you can also run Win XP on a smartwatch, but that doesn't mean that you will use it.

  • TGeorgeMihai point taken, and true it will be very useful on the go, I guess it all depends on the user, it might be a great idea as I think it is, and for others, not so useful.

  • >

    > > Waltuo yes I know it would be damn cool if C3 would come also in that way.

    > > I own the surface pro 3, and the surface book, but none of them fit in my pocket. I meant it as in an app version, a mobile as in phone, you know, pocket. But your small tablet comment is not a bad idea

    > >


    > I just couldn't imagine trying to use the events system on my cell phone. That would be annoying for me... just saying.


    And so its is happening

    Lol, yeah that's a feature that I still won't be using really though..

  • I'd suggest people start asking for a Chromecast feature now.

    What needs to be considered is how you would deal with the input there.

    The options are touch with orientation, and possibly keyboard via bluetooth.

    Mouse maybe?

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