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  • ggibson1 rho Market share? "most people do not bother switching browsers"? Here are actual usage statistics:

    Perhaps if you are marketing some sort of useful application, yeah. But absolutely making sure there is IE support in a game? I'm extremely skeptical. The majority of people who don't switch are either the technologically inept (usually older folks) who wouldn't play your game anyway, let alone even know what online multiplayer games are, or are stuck on computers locked to one browser (and thus somewhere where they won't be playing games nearly as often). Even the schools I went to (highschool, and now college) installed at LEAST Firefox if not Chrome on the computers there. Even the crappy laptop I use while I'm at my scheduling job. Chrome.

    I understand browser applications that companies use. My father works in IT, and the browser applications are limited to support under a specific version Internet Explorer. I get that. But this isn't nearly as applicable to video games, which you won't find the IT dept. installing.

  • to be honest W3Schools captures a certain segment of the market.. ie the coders.. this does not mean that those dynamics match your players. whatever historical issues IE has had, they are gone. I prefer IE11 because of do-not-track and for privacy reasons. that's my call.

    However whatever you believe, I still do not see why if you are going for a desktop application that you should deliberately ignore IE11 users.

    now I have seen this before on Scirra.. it's very much a google-orientation here and understandably so, but I'm not sure it's good for all cases.

    PS: in my local university all the browsers are modern IE's.. mostly for the business and arts students


  • ggibson1 rho Market share? "most people do not bother switching browsers"? Here are actual usage statistics:

    Your "actual stats" are showing a self biased population of people who choose to visit that site.

    I see a lot more raw data than w3schools does and I was surprised to see more people use Hotmail than Gmail and IE is still the most used browser... but then again I work in IT and the small number of people that I work with is not an indication of the over all population... the data doesn't lie, but the person picking the data can >-) ... kind of like the saying that he who counts the votes chooses the winner...

    So for gaming if you want to have support for things like game pads it is probably better to ship as a node web kit that has Chrome built in if you want to make sure all the users have that functionality.

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  • The people who visit w3shools I can guarantee are more related than other available statistics in terms of users who'll actually dedicate time to playing online games.

    Also, here's another one: ... b_browsers ... 807-201406

    Which shows a similar percentage. Double, I grant that, but shows that, simply, the majority of users do NOT use Internet Explorer.

    I still don't understand why going through the trouble of supporting Internet Explorer will actually result in any gain in terms of a computer gaming audience, but that's just me. I'll do it my way, and you can do it yours. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • strange DatapawWolf, you use the same source that I do.. to suggest 20-30% usage for IE. I don't know why you feel that 20 of that 28% is be non-game playing.

    However each to our own choices. for me it's normal to support and test on all 3 main browsers for a desktop application. (it'd be 4 if I had a mac)

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