Construct 2 Messing up My Pc/Laptop

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  • Hi, So I got this project from my school to learn the basic stuff about construct 2 because we were gonna have construct 2 as a part of a subject for the year....

    i downloaded it on my laptop, got familiar with stuff using the ghost shooter tutorial and turned my laptop off and went to sleep. The next day, I opened my Laptop, but after a few mins It gave me this error that said something like "cmd . exe failed to start" And my laptop shut Down by itself. I thought it was one of those one time only errors but i was wrong.....It happened randomly and i couldn't get school homework done with my laptop. Eventually my dad sent it for repairing and I had to use my old PC for school work. I used it for a few days and it was working smoothly, but i installed construct 2 on it and the error came up again and it shut down the PC. Can someone help me with this asap because i got school work to do and both of my devices seem like goners, because i tried to reinstall windows in my laptop but even though every thing was gone, the error stayed. Upgrading the windows didn't even work either, and i get this "save2maxstore" as my default home page on every browser which i cant change and doesn't change after reinstall. I cant take any sorts of screenshots because it happens so fast. this error came up while i was typing this report.

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated

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  • You have a virus

  • You have a virus

    It was running smoothly until i got construct 2

  • Virus that came with download??? :)))

    Jokes aside, that problem could have huge range of causes and from single post and without testing, it would be impossible to know the reason. Sending it to repairs and thinking they fix it, won't really happen, aside you dad loosing money ;) You better off googling the cause and tring to fix it yourself. If that repair company has to do it, they bill you more then your laptop is worth. If your laptop is under warranty you could and should it.

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