Is Construct 2 For Me?

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  • Greetings, all.

    I am in the planning stages of a strategy board game website to host multiplayer board games (ratings, tournaments, many games to choose from, etc.). The games will host 2-6 players, depending on the game.

    Is Construct 2 the engine for me to build those games with?

  • Sorry never saw this thread.

    I would say yes but not right now.

    Leader boards and rankings are possible if you have some sever side scripting knowledge. If you do not im happy to help.

    There is also a third party plugin called Playtomic which will store data from your game, But it also has online leaderboards built into that, which is really easy to use.

    Multiplayer is not possible right now unless your a genius at scripting.

    But luckily there is a genius in our community who is currently developing a multiplayer plugin. he has posted videos of it working! and its available pretty soon he reckons.

    So stick around.

    As your new to Construct2 I suggest playing around with it for a while, getting to know the ropes as a board game will be pretty intense to work on even in a simple game engine like this one. You will need to understand arrays.

    We have a really good friendly community here in which many genius's are allways welcome to help(im not one of the genius's) But im always happy to help, Im pretty good with the engine. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    But yeah give C2 a go, And welcome!!!


  • Here's the thread about the previously mentioned multiplayer plugin in development, if you want to check that out. Believe me, you do. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • smitchell - Aye, that is very helpful. I am certain there will a decent amount of server-side code needed. The intent is to have the front end of the site in HTML5 (not that a canvas is not HTML5), where people can browse the games, rules, rankings, etc. That portion would resemble a bit more of a social site.

    The games lobby would be either inside or outside a canvas. This is yet to be decided. Tables can be created or joined in the lobby. Once the table is filled with the players, the game is launched, and...

    The game opens in a canvas, whatever that game may be, the players are added, and the game begins. Each game is its own app, obviously.

    When the game ends, the results are saved, the rankings updated, etc., and the players are returned to the lobby.

    Depending on what is offered in that multiplayer plugin, the lobby could potentially built in Construct 2 as well, I would surmise. And yes, I understand the complexities of board game design and parlaying that into code, and I welcome that challenge, particularly since I plan to go after some rather heavy licenses once I establish a pretty solid foundation.

    Sully: Thank you for that link. I will keep a close eye on it.

    Obviously, this is all a ways off, so I am sure there will be much evolving of Construct 2 and its plugins during that time.

  • I made alot of multiplayer posts

    so i know this domain

    if you want to make a multiplayer game you will need a server that will have to be open and a client that will connect to the server

    You can find the Websocket ZackoWacko plugin in plugin section

    And for the server , you can use now.Js (as used talkinghead)

    But you will need scripting skills ) i am afraid i can't help you because i am not in university ( Sec 1 ;) ) so im not a js genius or a math but i hope this informations will help you

  • Leveraging what Construct 2 offers against what I need to accomplish with canvas, I am probably more likely to write my own engine to handle board games. Construct 2 is very slick, to be sure, but seems more appropriate for platformers and the like.

    Websockets will definitely be employed for the chat rooms and their channels, but is probably overkill for the games themselves. The game server will only need to validate player input and distribute that information to the players in the game. The server-side code will be rather lightweight and will be able to handle multiple games. I will reinvestigate that need when the time comes.

    Thanks for your help. Construct 2 is definitely a worthy application, but is definitely too meaty for what I need.

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