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  • I work here in Brasil in a company of games and I'm graduated in Digital Games, this way, some times people call me to talk about game design, the company, the games and things like that with workshops in some events.

    Today some people called me to talk about Construct 2 and will be a plasure do that. Talk about this engine.

    I want ask here for help. Who can help me with media and marketing stuff to show construct power, like videos, or a very didact game ou something like that will be very useful to show other people here in Brasil about the engine.

    Thank people for the Attention... and sorry about the bad english.

  • For videos you have scirra's official youtube videos which are easy to comment upon while playing and quite easy to translate.

    If you want to display the power as in a finished product, check out the best games on the arcade and let the people have a play with those games in their browser.

    Be sure to also check the your creations forum.

    On the top of my head I think about O-ring, pretty much every chrisbrobs creations and I'm sure there are a lot of other awesome game/WIP sitting in this forum.

    Be sure to ask the users their permission first, but I'd think they would have nothing against more promotion.

    Look also for the entries of Scirra's competition, as well as the "official" demos.

    For a more didactic approach.

    A translation/demonstration of the beginner's guide to Construct2 could be a good tool.

    You also have this video tutorial that displays quite quickly how to make a shoot 'em up. Also be aware ayzhong is working on it and he should release a new "improved" and updated version of the tutorial in the coming months.

    I think that's already a good start.

    Also, seeing the number of brazilian members on the website (you can check the introduce yourself topic, there are often new brazilian members there) you should all gather and make a site/forum in your language and build up a community. This will allow you to market C2 more easily and especialy not alone !

    Good luck <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • That is a most excellent summary from Kyatric :)

  • Thank you.. this will be very useful. I am working in it. I will try take some pics and thigs of apresentation to show here.

    Thank you for help.

  • Yeah SocialLie, if you share your presentation or show. it will be very usefull your model for marketing in other countries!.

    Thanks so much

    sorry for my bad english :)


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  • I will post here tavitooo in day 23 or 24 something about the apresentation =)

    Here have posted today in tutorial page a new one. I hope you enjoy people - Tutorial

    Adoro 'edit post'

  • Here... I work only in portuguese this Prezi, but I hope can help someone o/

    I can post a pic of event, if you wanna =)


    I don't know if this link works

  • SocialLie: Very good job Thiago, it looks very neat.

    I can't say for the written content but the whole feel of the presentation is pretty good.

    The video was also a nice touch.

    At first I was a bit worried, but on take3 at live speed, you displayed the power.

    A little note maybe, the explosion sound when the rocket hits the tower is a bit saturating, you might want to lower its volume a bit it will be better for the audio monitors.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I agree with the volume part =)

    I have download the file and show it offline to get away of lags.

    Thank you Kyatric

  • Fotos in Facebook

    Here you can see a little bit of this small event =)


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