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  • Hey everyone. For my own convenience, I've converted the Construct 2 manual to a Kindle format. I'm currently working on converting it to other ebook formats for you all as well (I'll keep this post updated with links).

    It's set to publish on Amazon for $0.99, and then I have to jump through a few hoops with price matching to get them to make it free (which takes around a month).

    Obviously I don't intend to sell somebody else's work, so while we're waiting for all that to happen, I've provided a link below to the temporary Kindle Version (complete with a clickable Table of Contents!)

    If anyone DOES happen to buy a copy from Amazon in the mean time, I'll be sure to promptly send the money to Ashley (via Paypal or other method) whenever it shows up in my account.

    I made this so I could read up on Construct away from my computer, and I thought that might be useful for others as well.

    P.s. I may need a mod to fix the link. I don't think I enough rep to post links yet, so I've added a few spaces to break it :).

    https://()www.()dropbox.()com /s/bjk7fcq5y4ggmka/

  • Link :)

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  • Why dont you just ask ashley to publish it here rather than on amazon? Maybe youre intentions are good, but at the moment you are selling someone elses property. Cant you easily get sued for that? I find it quite dangerous that you just did that without consent.

  • There's already a download link from the Manual itself that allows you to get a zip file that uncompresses into an HTML file (viewable through a browser on mobiles, I don't know if kindle has one).

    Also, with each new stable version, Ashley updates the manual including the documentation for the newest features. For how long would you keep up updating the "published" version ?

    Indeed, it's maybe not the safest/smartest to publish on amazon, and maybe providing on an external server is good enough.

  • ...ere's hoping they don't sue me for trying to help them spread their product lol.

    I did remove it from Amazon. I'll talk to Ashley about it.

    The reason I even put it on Amazon is because it's a quick and convenient way for users to get a portable version of the manual, while exposing potential new users to the product at the same time. So it's beneficial for the company and the product.

    ...he problem for me was that the .zip file unpacks with a folder of images. And you need that folder or nothing displays properly. The "ebook" version has the images embedded into the file itself so you only need to worry about that one file. It's more portable and convenient, and you're not tied to a computer or internet browser (that's why I made it, I wanted to sit in bed or kick back on the couch and read it without any internet distractions).

    As far as updating it ? as long as he's not putting out new stable releases every day, I'm sure I could stay on top of it. It wouldn't take more than 10 minutes to update it to a new version, so it's not in any way time-consuming.

    ...hanks :D

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