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  • Hello C2 Fans,

    Please add comment " CONSTRUCT 2 WE LOVE YOU


  • Scirra done and does an amazing job with this software. Big love for their work and how they treat customers. They can be an example to many companies out there.

  • Agree to this! I started with Game Maker, switched to ClickTeam's Fusion and now I stay with Construct 2... Why? First of all: you guys! What a great community! Second: the software of course! It's fantastic, I have so much fun trying all kind of things and my first 'big' project is going well.

    Keep up the good work all!!

  • Every time I think I've found a feature that I can't implement with Construct 2, I always find out there is a simple solution to it either on the forums on in the manual. Especially as an artist I love this software, and it's really allowing me to live my dream of being a professional game developer.

    Much thanks and love to Ashley and everyone else on the C2 Crew <3

  • I love you Construct 2, Scirra team, the helpful members of this forum!

  • word

  • <3 we are one big happy family

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  • Brilliant software design makes creating a game very intuitive and fast.

    I can implement an idea in minutes while it's fresh. Could not ask for anything else.

    Kudos to Scirra and keep up the great work.

  • In many case Construct 2 seems always follow my logic and works the way I wanted.

  • Ashley, Tom, and C2 are great!

  • I can only agree, Construct 2 is and hopefully will remain the easiest "non-coding" game engine on the market.

    Even though it has some flaws here and there (like any kind of software has), I've always received help when I needed it.

    Scirra should be thankful about the nice community and we (the community) should be thankful for this amazing product made by Scirra.

    I hope that C3 will be as good as C2 and that we will hopefully soon, get at least partly involved in its development like we did with C2.

    I might act at bit "salty" sometimes by critically criticizing certain things but in the end you can be sure that I do that only because I want to see one of my favorite products, improving even further.

    To sum it all up, thanks for this amazing piece of software and best wishes for all your future projects Scirra!

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