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  • Hi i wondering if i can use Construct 2 on my Debian Jessie is there any linux release? or i am forced to use wine ? and i think i will experience lag with it so any releases?

  • C2 is Windows only.

    C3 is meant to remedy this situation, but no idea of release schedule.

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  • c2 does not work in wine well. You can start the editor and even edit an example project, but it is unstable and crashes.

    Also you can not play a layout at all. Missing features in wine stop construct 2 from being able to run a server.

    C3 is going to remedy this with a native editor, however it is not clear whether it's development has even started.

    Ashley and co might still be at the design stage and planning it.

    The engine wont come any time soon, so if you want a contruct2 like editor on linux, check out gdevelop - which is open source.

    Gdevelop has less features, but it runs on linux and mac, also can compile native games, as well as html5. They are also planning on adding support for native android exporter. Check out their trello board for more information.

    that said, its development is certainly not as active as construct's. But some of their goals meet with common requests on this forum.

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