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  • What do you guys think?   That would be awesome if I had a slow day at work, and could mess with it on my iPad.

    At least be able alter an event sheet and test your game.

    And construct 2 is created out of C++ isn't it? So that should't be too hard to transform into C#

  • This is not actually at all easy and would involve a complete rewrite of Construct 2. So it's not in our immediate plans I'm afraid.

  • awe ok, haha just an idea

  • Definitely more of a decade or two kind of wait. Indeed it would be very cool, but there is a lot of interface considerations. It also looks like C2 uses some api's that aren't Scirra's. Which are of course not on IOS and really the list goes on.

    Maybe Construct 3 or 4 :P

  • If Construct 2 will ever be released on iPad - it will be an ultra-killer app. Just imagine you can take C2 everywhere.

    Current interface workflows would transfer very well into the touch device.

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  • An app that lets you do even the graphic and level design on the go would be pretty cool. I've seen people do some amazing art by hand on Didlr <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's not the same as running it natively, but I use splashtop 2 remote desktop and using C2 through it works pretty well.

  • I was giving this idea a thought the last couple of weeks. What if a C2/GMS/GS game creator that ran on EVERYTHIG.. ok Desktop/Laptop/Tablet.

    I think that would be awesome. My theory the best way to do it.

    This is just theory. i haven't looked into the practicalities of this.

    Java code base. This would let the game tools work on Win/Lin/Mac/Android. Then with J2ObC. Of course this is not 1:1. There would require overhead layouts to bind the gui. but the logic level get's to remain the same.

    game logic is output as primary Java, but with

    Java to JS


    java to c++

    it's of course not that simple. there is all sorts of libraries that just don't simply convert. However once you have the source code. You could maybe write exporters that go through the files and modify the function calls to those in use.

    Also there are pretty snazzy Codea features that could be implemented

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