Construct 2 and iOS UIWebView. So close yet so far

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  • I simply want to display my game within the UIWebView in Xcode.

    I can run other HTML 5 games but when I export the game with C2 it gives me an error message saying that I have to upload it in order for it to work.

    Is there any way to disable this. I feel that this could be an easy way to get your game submitted through Xcode. You could have a free game and put in admob and IAP.

  • not sure, but the "cordova" exporter may work

    that and maybe just deleting the alert in the index.html itself.

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  • I tried disabling that feature in the Index file.

    I think a "run offline" button in the export window might work. Does anybody know how to make a C2 file run offline.


    Do you think it is possible to simply export a "website" to wrap in UIWebView. I think if we had the option ourselves to deploy our games into Xcode people who are familiar with Xcode could really use it to their advantage.

  • That's what the Cordova export does.

  • I guess there's no tutorial yet. I tried using UIWebView to run the cordova export but it didn't work. Im guessing there are more steps to take.

  • It's intended that you publish with the PhoneGap Build, Intel XDK or Ludei Webview services. You can also try the PhoneGap CLI, but we do not document that ourselves (they provide their own documentation and it is for technical users anyway, whereas most C2 users are non-technical). A UIWebView is pretty barebones by itself and Cordova provides some useful additions to make it work more usefully, so you will probably want to start with a PhoneGap project in Xcode as opposed to a new empty app.

  • Awesome! Im looking at the new features and I think they are great.

    Just for the sake of argument, if I wanted to run it in UIWebView, how would I do it?

  • hi did you fine how to run it in UIWebView?

    i need to do that

    UIWebView shows a black page for me ...

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