Construct 2 Invisible Gamepads??

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  • Hello,

    I am currently working on a game project which will be up for sale soon. In the last build, I had perfected joystick controls, but ever since fixing a few bugs with my game's AI, somewhere along the way the gamepad events have gone completely haywire. It seems like Construct 2 is now detecting one gamepad more than however many are connected at all times. I tested this by making a consistently updating global variable that is set equal to Gamepad.GamepadCount and displaying the number on the main menu.

    When there are 0 gamepads, it detects 0. When I connect 1 gamepad, it detects 2. When I connect 2 gamepads, it detects 3. When I disconnect both gamepads, the number goes back to 1 even though there is nothing connected. For this reason, all of the actions in the whole project which reference gamepad 0 do not work because any gamepad connected is either gamepad 1 or 2, and gamepad 0 itself is nowhere to be found. I do not know where this issue came from, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • you are wrong something.. Gamepad0 is the first gamepad connected, Gamepad1 the second ecc.

    NOT Gamepad1 the first, Gamepad2 the second.

    see this

    "Multiple gamepad devices can be connected to a single computer. To differentiate between them, most actions, conditions and expressions in the Gamepad object also take a Gamepad parameter. This is a zero-based index of the controller. For example, 0 identifies the first controller, 1 identifies the second, and so on..."

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