Construct 2 and Inkscape please HELP

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  • Hi I've been using Inkscape and Construct 2 on my old pc (Celeron D cpu and a FX5200 GPU) and I think that inkscape destroyed my pc it started to glitch and was destroyed. Now I have new pc with intel core 2 quad cpu and onboard gpu and intel gma 3100 (not x3100). Can my pc handle Inkscape and Construct 2? Does this two programs uses GPU, because I noticed it started to glitch in Construct 2 and when I check the GPU was loaded 20-40% I was working in both programs at the same time and I closed them but still was 20% so I restarted and it was ok again...

    Please guys tell me I don't want to destroy this pc too..

    Does this programs use GPU (I know that they use CPU) and how much...

    And is this pc good for this two programs....


  • "onboard gpu and intel gma 3100"

    in case of nomadic over-point fluctuation (connected with floating point fixation) your GPU can be destroyed :)))

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  • So I should stop making games in Construct2 ????

    I've read thst inkscape doesn't use gpu

  • software can't destroy your CPU or GPU :) and besides of that motherboards have CPU temperature control, so if temperature is too high for CPU, then it will i.e. shutdown

  • Thank you friend you are right new motherboards have temperature control and my 8 years old computer didn't have temperature control but I was afraid about the onboard gpu because it doesn't have fan but as you said the motherboard is keeping it safe

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