Construct 2 good for an 8 year old?

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  • (I would have posted this in the Education subforum, but it seems pretty dead.)

    Hi there, Construct community. Programmer dad here, trying to figure out if I should enroll my son in a four-day summer camp (three hours a day).

    Here's the description:

    Create an arcade-style side scrolling platformer! Students will learn to create a web-based platformer using Construct 2, a visual coding platform that teaches student the basics and structure of programming. Create custom enemies, obstacles, and challenges in this exciting class.

    My son will have just turned 8 shortly before the class starts. He is very bright - especially in technical fields. He loves playing with Snap Circuits (though he has outgrown them) and experimenting with actual chips/resisters/etc. on a breadboard. He has moderate to severe ADHD, but this can be both a hindrance and a boon (laser focus on projects he is very interested in).

    Even though I've been a professional programmer all my life (and taught myself programming on an Apple IIe before that), I have yet to try to jump into that with him. I did get him a Lego Boost kit and he's experimented with the programming there.

    He was very excited when I showed him this class. Actually, I first showed him a similar class where they were using Scratch (which more closely mirrors what he's done in Lego Boost), but then realized there was a schedule conflict.

    So, what do you think? Would Construct 2 be a little too much, too soon? I know every kid can be different, so feel free to hedge your bets and speak in generalities. He'll be at the absolute bottom end of the students in the class.

    I'm pondering learning it myself and giving him a booster class the weekend before. Maybe that will help get him a good start.

    Thanks in advance for any comments and advice!

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  • Construct 2 or/and 3 can help teach the logic of programming.

    You learn using logic structures (loops, using variables, ...) and also by adding plugins to your project can gain access to even further browser-based features.

    Is Construct 2 proper for an 8 year old ? If he's alone, that might be rough.

    The question is rather how the camp is organised and what is their education method, what will they be focusing on ?

    Will your son have made a complete game at the end of the camp ?

    I'm pretty sure it will be the case. Start yourself with the Beginner's guide and the next steps tutorial linked at the end of the beginner's guide to have a more precise idea of how Construct works and how it can be transmitted.

    From there, you knowing your son better, will be able to decide whether he needs the boost prior to camp or not.

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