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  • Hello, (i'm french excuse my english)

    I wanted to know if we can export the game made with construct 2 to

    Thank you.

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  • Unless your game is better than the Next Penelope, don't even dream about it.

    They refused to sell the Next Penelope, the cream of the crop of games made with Construct.

    I'd say stick to if you're a beginner, then go on steam if you have a descent and polished game. Otherwise you'll set yourself up for failure.

    FR: Ils ont refusé de vendre The Last Penelope, la crème de la crème des jeux faits avec construct. A moins que ton jeu soit mieux foutu que TLP, n'essaye même pas de perdre ton temps à leur parler.

    Publie tes jeux sur, puis lance les sur steam une fois que t'aura quelque chose de présentable et de polie. Sinon c'est l'echec assuré.

  • Zed2100, I think the question was about the technical side of exports.

    Next Penelope - soulless compilation. The GOG has technically weaker games. This has nothing to do with the engine.

  • yes it is rather the technical side that interests me.

    is it possible with construct 2 ?

    which export format?

    Thanks anyway for your advice.

  • The technical question is trivial and well documented (RTFM): NWjs.

  • Thank you

  • You're welcome, but seriously, read the freaking manual !

    The business side of this question is far more interesting, the technical side is usually the easiest, that's why programmers get paid 10x less than the more design/business oriented people in the industry.

    Good luck

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