Construct 2 gets slow on Mac(Parallel Desktop)

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  • Hello!

    I'm using Construct 2 on a mac, I have installed it on win7 under Parallel Desktop environment(a virtual machine). The Hardware is very good, but it runs very slow while I open the window for conditions and event sheets. Does anyone alse have the same issue?

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  • I've used win7 with parallels in fullscreen mode since C2 came out and have never had a problem. I'm still on version 7 though. The only time i had the lag you described was when i ran it in compatibility mode or whatever it's called, where it runs the program in it's own window on the mac desktop rather than full screen mode when you switch over to the win desktop and run the programs there.

  • Thank Ethan, I'm running in window mode, I will give a try with fullscreen mode.

  • porky I've noticed the same problem as you described (C2 otherwise running fine but loading the condition and event sheet windows really slow). Have you found any working solution for this?

  • Hi,

    I have read about c2-users having problems with 163 upwards on parallels.

    I use VMWare Fusion 6.1 and have no problems at all IF if don't have Virtualbox run before that (my wife uses it sometimes and I didn't have time to pull her VM over) or the battery is pretty low. Then my MBA goes on low everything to keep on going as long as possible.

    You could try a demo of VMW6 and simply boot up your vm for testing...

  • i am running it in window 8.1 ....its get hang but i think it due to shifting form window to mac and vice versa

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