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  • I?m making this is a thread for questions you have pertaining to Construct 2. This thread?s intention is to create a one-stop place to ask and possibly have answered any questions about C2?s features, capabilities, etc. Feature requests, tech support, bugs, etc. should be posted in their respective forum/thread.

    Don't forget to check the FAQ before asking!

    The developers are incredibly busy and won?t be able to answer all our questions, and I?m sure there will be many! Also, I imagine C2 as a work in progress in it?s baby stages, so many features and elements might change in the final product from the answers given here. Obviously, specifics and small details that have yet to be fleshed out cannot be answered. In addition, I?m sure the dev?s don?t want to get our expectations exceedingly high about features that are far, far from being implemented and overly grand in nature, only to have us be disappointed that it didn?t make the final cut because of programming, structural, time, monetary issues etc.!

    Basically, if a dev doesn?t answer your question, please don?t take it personally. They may simply not have an answer for your question at this point in time.

    The purpose of this thread is just to get a general idea of the direction of C2 so those of us excited by this great product can begin pseudo-game development in our small but infinitesimally creative minds.



    If this thread is inappropriate, out of place, a duplication of another, or stepping on any toes, please feel free to remove or manipulate it. My intention is just to try and help organize the Construct community in as best a way as I know possible.

  • So... Question! With HTML5 as the base and other exporters available down the road, how will C2 manage runtime specific elements? For example, say I'm making a game and I want versions both in HTML5 and OpenGL, will shaders be implemented into C2 so I at least have the option to use them for my OpenGL version? If so, what will happen if I use shaders and decide to export to HTML5?

  • Since C2 uses Javascript, would it be a good idea/possible to learn Javascript to write plugins for this?

  • Don't forget to check the FAQ before asking!

    Mulkaccino: this is an open question, not sure about any specifics yet, this wasn't part of 0.x so it's not something we've planned in detail yet. It'll likely be that by default you only see options common to all platforms, but you can switch in to a mode where you can edit platform specific features.

    YetAnotherSuperhero: Yes, learning Javascript would be a great way to get in to scripting with C2! See extending C2 with javascript

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  • Are WebGl gonna be implanted in C2 ?

    Thank you

  • WebGL won't be considered until Microsoft commit to supporting it in Internet Explorer, which it seems may be unlikely.

  • If there was a Windows exe exporter, it could use all the JavaScript plugins right? (Via v8 engine). Or would the plugins need to be re-written?

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