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  • What would be the basic functionality of a Construct 2 gaming portal? What would be the minimum requirements? A scoreboard?

    What do you reckon?

    What other functionality would it be necessary for an intermediate portal or an advanced one?

    Are there any books or materials explaining the nature of attractive gaming portals and its functionality?

  • I googled the mating habits of portals but came up empty.

    My guess is that they are asexual.

  • Great answer! I can google too, there is a lot of things that can be googled out making me confused what is over the top or too simplistic in order to find something that seems just right like an synthetic opinion on the topic, which cannot be googled.

  • Maybe try a portal forum, or somewhere more appropriate.

    Might want to turn "safe search" on.

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  • Thanks for your concern, I suppose I can handle stuff. Do you happen to know any robust game portal forums?

    I am interested in learning people’s opinion on what makes an attractive portal. There is for instance a site like that, which looks decent, it does not seem to generate much traffic though and does not have much gaming functionality besides games.

    That is why I have been asking.

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