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  • Hi, i guess this is more a question about the chrome appstore, but i hoped someone here might know.

    If I release a game onto the chrome appstore for say �2.99, can I still give this freely to anyone on the store.. e.g. say i presold the game using one of those indie tools like kickstarter... could i give a load of people access to the game. And then continue to sell the game?

    I am considering running a kickstarter project for a game i am developing but i only want to do it if i can find some decent places to place my game for them to play it so i can offer those who make a pledge a copy of the game.

    P.s. does anyone know of a decent wrapper for construct2's html5 file to make it work as an exe and offline.

  • I don't think the Chrome store requires exclusivity. Put something there if you want to sell it there.

    If you're Kickstarting, you might want to give your supporters a separate copy in some way, like putting it on a web site and having a secret password to play it.

    Stand-alone Construct 2 games are on a list of things that will be happening soon, but I don't know how soon. Someone will correct me if I am wrong!

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  • I hope you arent wrong, stand alone construct 2 games would make me the happiest man in the world.. lol or close to it.

    I agree that for kickstarter a seperate copy will be needed, I am just trying to determine th ebest way of doing that. Trutherly kickstarter is a way of yet for me but I wanted to get an idea of how i am proceeding early on in development :)

  • AJTilley - check out this thread.

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