Can Construct 2 make game like this?

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  • Hello guys, I'm new here I hope you will help me.

    So few days ago i find on Google App Store game named: Legend of Darkness ( ). It's RPG style game (seems it's like click style game correct me if I wrong). Can I make something like this is Construct 2?

    Thank you for your time!

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  • Of course you can. Construct 2 can make any 2D game one could imagine. It seems like it's geared to make platform games but it can do everything, I think they focus on presenting platforms because physics and transforms trip people up when starting game dev., C2/C3 made it as buttery as you can imagine. You will need to purchase it to have access to enough layers and events, I recommend C3 though, mostly because it makes arrays easy for beginners and will have more features in the future. I tried every game engine that is current, as far as 2D goes Construct is my favorite even though others are free or can export to native(android). I was caught up on native until I ran some tests of my own and C2 apps run almost just as well, the new C3 runtime should close that gap.

    With my fanboy stuff out of the way I want to say this, no game engine gets it all perfect. Prefabs in Unity are fantastic, Godot scenes and nodes are great, GameMaker can organize large projects very well. Construct specialty is communicating to the developer, once you learn arrays, stings, math, you'll be able to figure things out without even researching it. Construct biggest fault is managing large projects, it's up to you to keep the event sheets clean and not lose track of your programming. Use groups and Do Not Repeat Yourself then you should be good.

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