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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!
  • Just in case you missed the post by Renita. Here's the latest gameplay footage for a game I'm helping her create using Construct2! PS, Construct 2 also features prominently in the Kickstarter campaign!

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    just 5 dollars reserves a copy of the game and 55 dollars or more gets you the entire Conscruct2 project file of the entire game once its finished, which you could use to make your own platformer game.

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  • hi brash, i don't know how to talk to you thats why i'm going to post it here:

    ill talk about spriter , it really need some improvement we need some shortcuts to zoom in and out , also it would be better if you put an example with a small tutorail in how to use the program instead of keep doing videos and videos.

    spriter is really great but need some stuffs like shape tween, or importing pngs as a part of the player ,i have tried to import leg while my project already opened but i couldn't also there isn't a clear way to show us how..

    also there is many crashes happened to me and i don't think its from my 5 years laptop because my laptop can handle photoshop and illustrator without any crashes, the crashes happened when i moved a part from top to the bottom , it would really nice if you make an autosave stuffs on the program ^^

    last but not least , can you put some stuffs yo change the (interface) we don't want just gray but some of us want it light gray or dark gray ... you have just made it on the working section , just add it on the other parts ^^

  • The http://www.brashmonkey.com website has a contact us section with our email adresses. Theres also the official Spriter forums which you can also find there. There's also the Kickstarter page for Spriter, the facebook page for Spriter and private messages in this forum if for some reason the others don't come to mind.

    Yes, Spriter is still early in development.. Over the next 4 or so weeks you should really see a lot of the missing features appearing.

    Please post any specific feature requests or bug reports in the Spriter forum.

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