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  • Hey guys,

    1. Am I allowed to use a character which I used before in my previous games which I also uploaded to stores. But the concept will be new though.

    2. I am not great with English so can someone break it down the term 'Deception' for me please. I read the meaning and all but exactly NOT getting it. (I guess this will be helpful for all the Non-English Communities).

    Thanks a lot

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  • Hey Rango,

    1) I'm guessing that's fine but don't quote me on it. I think they mean more of the game itself needs to be just created for it, reusing art and such is a normal thing to do.

    2) Yea I can see that not being an easy word to get. Some other words would be lies, misinforming, betrayal, trickery. So in the simplest sense, something that is misleading or just a lie. A game example would be like Portal, how Glados is a character who lies and tries to trick you as the player. It is an interesting topic for a game that isn't used a lot. So try and think of a way that you can be "tricky" to the player or make the gameplay where you have to "trick" something else or something looks a certain way but then isn't really that.

    Hopefully that helps!

  • That was really helpful. Thanks

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