Construct 2 future updates?

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  • I've been through the website, gone through the buy now process (stopping short of actually buying it again) and at no point or anywhere on the site did it state C2 will no longer receive updates. So people are buying it thinking they can do all this great stuff and under the impression they'll be able to get updates and support in the future when in reality (until someone says otherwise) that is just not the case.

    When you made the purchase c2 you accepted the terms of the contract, which can be changed at any time by them. Construct 3 is no longer a tool for devs indies, but for medium and large developers. I bought c2 just to use ADMOB, IAP. unfortunately I am unable to pay the monthly fee, I will have to use a program similar to the construct to work the Gdevelop5 of the compilgames.

  • Yeah this is very interesting because I bought c2 on Steam without actually knowing a c3 existed it just seemed to be what I was looking for. I also upgraded my license to access all of it. It is disappointing that it is already effectively abandoned other than bugs and I can't just buy and upgrade to 3 as I'm in similar position as OP - I go months without working on my project due to real life commitments

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